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Automating backup of Roller

Posted on Sunday Feb 01, 2015 at 11:17AM in Technology

I wrote an another Ant script to backup Apache Roller database and data directory. intended to use for PostgreSQL and Linux server. see my GitHub repository for more information.

At first I implemented it with sshexec task and used its output attribute to download the backup stream to local file but the file was corrupted. unfortunately sshexec task uses ByteArrayOutputStream to collect the output stream, then converts the byte array to String as far as I found out. I think it’s not preferable and it can be simply redirected to local file stream. so I changed implementation to that dump the data as a temporary file on remote server, then download it with scp task. I know it’s inefficient and consumes free space the same as the data. implementing redirection of the streams to sshexec task or changing the script to use ssh command directly would be a solution.

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