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Backup of a database server on VMware Fusion

Posted on Sunday Jan 25, 2015 at 06:05PM in Technology

There are some opinion about AutoProtect enables backup of a virtual machine with Time Machine, but I decided that I will backup my virtual machine as a regular file after shutdown. because there are some opinion that sometimes snapshots bring corruption of databases. they said that there’s possibility of occurrence of unsaved state during taking snapshots and I don’t want to corrupt my database.

But I don’t know what is difference between database servers and daily use computer? is there no possibility of serious corruption of something in daily use computers? has potentially snapshots some wrong design? is it unnecessary to force quiescing for daily use computer? doesn’t it bring crucial problems like data corruption on databases?

Googling with vmware snapshot database consistency gave me many interesting articles or discussions.

As to the procedure about backup after shutdown, following URL would be good to read:

How to mount Time Capsule from command line:

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