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Progress of reading 2 #packt5dollar - thoughts about build tool

Posted on Friday Jan 23, 2015 at 09:51PM in Technology

I haven’t read IntelliJ IDEA Essentials yet except some parts of Run configuration but it gives me that better view of the mechanism to run an application on the application server or standalone. I read that with Mastering Apache Maven 3 at same time. I didn’t understand particulary how my application will be built and run, but these books improved my understanding drastically.

I guess that every beginner Java programmer would better to learn that how build tool and Java program works through development with simple text editor and cli of build tool before start using a modern IDE. also launching an application server and deploying their application with build tool is good for server-side programmer. it’s important to know what each tool done. I don’t know how much waste my time for stucking in various problem of automated build and deploy mechanism. this can be avoided with correct understanding of the mechanism.

I realized how Maven has many function and flexibility. the book gave me basic knowledge about it but still I have to learn more advanced topics such as real-world use case which used multi module scheme. there are more Maven books published that mentioned about more specific topic so I would read these books later.

Also I should look back that book sometimes because I might misunderstood or simply couldn’t understand at some part of the book. also there are many plugins that the book didn’t mentioned comprehensively (I know it’s impossible for only one book) so I need to learn about it on the web or another books.

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