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SwingIrc: A simple IRC client

Posted on Sunday Nov 01, 2015 at 01:42PM in Technology

About 6 years ago I’ve made a simple IRC client that uses Swing. I’ve digged source code of the app from my old PC by chance so I’ve Mavenized it and put it to GitHub. To be hornest, it’s a toy app but may someone like a student can refer it as an example of Java based GUI application.

How To Launch

How To Use

  1. Put name, hostname and port to the dialog and hit connect

    e3b99510 4351 4e7f bcbb 3bea23ff5f75
  2. Click File then select Join

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  3. Enter name of a channel to the dialog and hit OK

    a4eee820 b228 49c5 8714 b97d95154078
  4. Chat with other users

    1ac868a8 7c3d 49e8 98f4 f88d384573aa

Future plans

  • Rewrite entire the app with JavaFX

  • Implement more features

  • Involve automated GUI testing

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