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Updating and Configuring Derby shipped with James

Posted on Friday Feb 06, 2015 at 02:30PM in Technology

Put latest Derby jars

I used derby.jar and derbynet.jar of to accept network connections. put these jars you needed into $JAMES_HOME/lib.

Define that jars to wrapper.conf

Comment out following line in $JAMES_HOME/conf/wrapper.conf:


Then put following line:


Make Derby to accept network connections

Add following line to $JAMES_HOME/conf/wrapper.conf.


Also additional system properties are needed:


Config derby.log

I prefer to place derby.log into $JAMES_HOME/log, and append log to exist one.


Define shutdown hook of Derby

Lob streaming is not supported

Currently OpenJPA, James’s JPA provider, is not supported lob streaming for Derby. James stored mail data in lob so If you frequently use larger mails, consider using other databases instead of Derby.

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