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Building latest WildFly against latest Undertow

Posted on Wednesday Feb 25, 2015 at 09:34PM in WildFly

Today I had to make some modification to WildFly and Undertow. I’ve got stucked at build most, and had to make many try and error so I leave about it as note. I’m bad at using Maven so I spent most of time at making WildFly to reference latest Undertow package. I tried something like mvn clean install -Dversion.io.undertow=1.2.0.Beta9-SNAPSHOT in wildfly package but it didn’t work. eventually, I installed following packages into my Maven repository.


Obtain same version as specified in version.org.wildfly.core property in pom.xml of wildfly package (it can be obtained using git tag).

The pom.xml file in this package keeps version.io.undertow property. wildfly package references this property so you need to modify it to desired version of Undertow. I modified it to 1.2.0.Beta9-SNAPSHOT before install it to local Maven repository. note that -Dmaven.test.skip=true makes build fail but -DskipTests=true might work.


This package doesn’t have annoying dependencies so you just need to make modification you desired and install to your local repository. keep version element in pom.xml and ensure that it is same to version.io.undertow property in wildfly-core.


This package has dependency to wildfly-core. ensure that version.io.undertow in wildfly-core is desired one. the build will be made in wildfly/build/target/wildfly-9.0.0.Alpha2-SNAPSHOT.zip.

My final recipe is following:

  1. Run mvn clean install for undertow (1.2.0.Beta9-SNAPSHOT). changes to java code here but no changes to pom here.

  2. Run mvn clean install for wildfly-core (1.0.0.Alpha19). before install, I updated <version.io.undertow> to 1.2.0.Beta9-SNAPSHOT.

  3. Run mvn clean install for wildfly (9.0.0.Alpha2-SNAPSHOT). changes to java code here but no changes to pom here.

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