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Setting longer startup / shutdown timeout to wildfly-init-redhat.sh

Posted on Friday Feb 27, 2015 at 03:27PM in WildFly

I’m using bin/init.d/wildfly-init-redhat.sh to operate WildFly instance via service command on CentOS. it has some timeout defaults as follows:

if [ -z "$STARTUP_WAIT" ]; then

if [ -z "$SHUTDOWN_WAIT" ]; then

If startup or shutdown takes longer than 30 seconds, the service commands will stop waiting and finished. this brings trouble to some automation mechanism such as shell scripts for deployment on cheaper environment. these variables can be set more longer in /etc/default/wildfly.conf as follows.

## The amount of time to wait for startup

## The amount of time to wait for shutdown

There’s a template for this file at bin/init.d/wildfly.conf in WildFly distribution.


I am implementing JSR 352 for importing bulk amount of user information to database. The id's are imported through excel file which I processed in Listener and collecting the related data from same Listener.
After that in my reader I did processing to seperate the user lists with some business logic in to failed users, incomplete users and users to be saved. In ItemProcess layer I am passing the users to save list to Writer block. Here I am writing logic with Transaction enabled in Spring to import to database. I set step level timeout as <property name="javax.transaction.global.timeout" value="900"/>
My spring application time-out is 60 seconds and same in Weblogic too.

The issue I am facing here is on WriteItem block I am getting time-out and DB connection is getting closed with in 59 - 60 seconds. From my understanding normally JSR JSL time - out should override the application level time-out. Why this not happening in my scenario? Please help me out.


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