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How to make jberetweb to invoke BatchRuntime.getJobOperator() directly

Posted on Wednesday Jan 07, 2015 at 07:32PM in jberetweb

While I prefer to deploy both of jberetweb.war and your batch application archive independently and invoke JobOperator through remote EJB invocation, there is an another option which make jberetweb to invoke BatchRuntime.getJobOperator() directly instead of remote EJB lookup.

Just suppress mvn parameter "-DjobOperator.jndi" when you build your jberetweb WAR (please refer README.md), then jberetweb starts invoke BatchRuntime directly instead of using remote interface. of course, then you have to embed or merge your batch application archive and jberetweb into one WAR or EAR.

I don't recommend this way because this makes deployment time of your application longer due to JSF and JPA initializing. and you have to care about consistency for both of JSF and JPA configuration between your application and jberetweb. but it might be a solution where remote EJB invocation is not allowed by some security reasons (EJBAccessException might be occured when jberetweb tries to lookup remote JobOperator interface on such environment).

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