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Posted on Sunday Jan 04, 2015 at 10:37PM in jberetweb

Just for memo. I think this list could be moved to GitHub's issue tracker.

  • Operation support for various application archive / remote interface
  • Save preferences such as visible columns to cookie
  • Change some of Integer id columns to Long
  • Refreshing of execution detail part
  • Variable / closable table area
  • In-cell editing of a value of job parameter table
  • Add clear button to job parameter table
  • Improve pagination for larger data set
    • Jump to specified execution id or page number directly
    • Clickable page numbers (1 2 3 4 5...)
    • Selection of number of rows in single page
  • Job schedule managing (like cron) with EJB programmatic timer
  • Job name completion (with JobOperator#getJobNames() ?)
  • Filtering / Sorting
    • Show BatchStatus=FAILED only etc
    • Sorting in ascending order
  • Covering omitted information
    • job_execution.exitstatus, job_execution.restartposition etc
    • Checkpointinfo would be useful. just pass it to String.valueOf() after deserialize
  • Testing against MySQL, Derby, H2, newer WildFly etc
  • Row highlighting/coloring for various statuses (STARTING/STARTED/STOPPING/STOPPED/ABANDONED). currently cares COMPLETED/FAILED only.
  • Refactoring (especially I think current CSS/HTML design is terrible due to my bad in client side web technology)
  • Use of REST API (would following spec of BatchEE be good?)

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