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How to specify a Git tag to be processed with Jenkins

Posted on Friday Feb 21, 2014 at 08:35PM in Jenkins


  • Jenkins 1.551
  • Apache Maven 3.1.1
  • git version (Apple Git-47)
  • Eclipse Kepler SR1
  • Oracle JDK7u51
  • OS X 10.9.1

Create a tag

  1. Open context menu of the project - Team - Advanced - Tag

  2. Enter tag name and Tag message, then click OK

  3. To check created tag, Open context menu of the project - Team - Show in Repositories View

  4. Confirm it appeared.

Modify a resource of HEAD

  • In order to check that build will processed with the tag specified, so just do some modify a resource of HEAD.
    • Make sure that you are in the master branch.
    • Procedure to switch: Team - Switch To - master
  • I have modified a resource that returns a message to Servlet. now it shows like that:
  • After modify, we have to commit it.

Install Git Parameter Plugin

I got trouble that the plugin not showing any tags, so I have stopped using this plugin. there are some people who reporting same problem[6]. If skipped this, we can't see the list of tags in the repository, but we can specify a tag manually.

This plugin makes easy that specify a tag to be processed.

Make a Jenkins job

  1. Copy a job that created in previous post
  2. Check “This build is parameterized”
  3. Click “Add Parameter”
  4. Click “Git Parameter”
  5. Enter “tag” to “Name”
  6. Enter “*/master” to “Branch”
  7. Find the section named “Source Code Management”
  8. Enter “${tag}” to “Branch Specifier”
  9. Click “Save”

Try Parameterized build

  1. Click this:
  2. Select a tag that created above
  3. Click “ビルド”

Check console output of Jenkins

ビルドします。 ワークスペース: /Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/jobs/DeploySpecifiedTag/workspace
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
Fetching upstream changes from file:///Users/kyle/gits1/hellojenkins
Checking out Revision 9d88b2abe381c6e2c915bbbf0ddeec09119b6f04 (v1.0)
Parsing POMs
  • We can see that build was processed with tag named “v1.0”


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