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Creating a simplest Jenkins job against a git repository

Posted on Sunday Mar 01, 2015 at 05:45PM in Jenkins

  1. Click New Item

    ecdf88ac ba06 4f30 aaa6 889b72d7a6be
  2. Enter trader in Item name and select Build a free-style software project

    81952af0 a4ae 40d7 a387 e02647d31f23
  3. Select Git and enter Repository URL

    9ac2c2af 2a4a 4b4d 90b4 7eed0a73433e
  4. Click Add build step - Execute shell

    dc7e02f0 9e6f 47ed 8049 e7a1a3078c11
  5. Enter cat hi.txt into Command

    95537b80 e9a0 4e42 89df d8dfb548de90
  6. Click Save

    659ed88d 0455 400c 91e4 f4b3ab714ea3
  7. Click Build Now

    9d4ef446 7b26 4a7a a2a2 010268e05e84
  8. Click a Build History which just created by build

    44f32959 4d18 4a89 8895 c35c1861be51
  9. Click Console Output

    f3da0b60 f9a2 4963 a12f 4fc3a8c1f392

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