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Thoughts about destination of migration

Posted on Thursday Jun 12, 2014 at 07:53AM in General

I wrote about some conditions of subject in another entry, so I got to think more further this time for that subject.

I'm living in a advanced country, but its sustainability is uncertain. so I guess what I need is more stable country which keep better sustainability. sustainability of developing country might be not stable. so... finally I got to know what, really I need is keeping my physical light.

What I mean is... the ideal status is... if the need which moving to another country, arises, then I can move to another country immediately. it's impossible to stay to one country for rest of my life nowadays. so I think what necessary things is:

  • Keep your ability to earn money portable
    • Learn popular language. such as English, Chinese, Spanish (But I'm curious if great translator will be invented).
    • Find a way to earn money with Internet (but I know it's pretty hard to me...)
      • Remote working as a software engineer (it's ideal to me!)
      • Develop apps or services on the web
      • Create famous website and put adsense or such advertise things
    • Improve abilities that demanded globally
  • Keep fluidity of your assets and money
    • Don't buy land, house and car
    • Stocks or cashes are good
  • Don't buy physical things as possible
    • Furnitures
    • Records (buy mp3 instead!)
    • Books (buy eBooks instead!)
    • Pets (it's hard to carry them!)
    • Ultimate goal is: all you have is a laptop computer, a smartphone and some clothes and passport/certificates etc. rent other things that need for living.

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