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Thoughts of staying in a foreign country

Posted on Wednesday Jun 11, 2014 at 04:57PM in General

I sometimes wish to move to foreign country because I'm getting anxious when I think the future of my country. the cause is:

  • Aging of the population
  • Politics
    • I hate current government which keep neoliberalism forward
    • The government is ignoring younger generation. they cares only seniors that have strong voting power. younger generation forced to pay for a pension plan, but it won't be returned to them at all!
  • Bad environment of workers
    • Especially, working time is terrible in Japan! I don't want to work 9:00-24:00 every day again!
    • It will be getting worse because labor deregulation is keep forwarding nowadays.

So, I guess I have to prepare to move to alternative country like big company does. like they always threat us like: "We have to move to another country because of high rate of tax in Japan."

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