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Men who abandoned Japan

Posted on Thursday Jun 12, 2014 at 07:10AM in General

I read a book titled "Men who abandoned Japan". this book contains some real-life stories of such men. all of them are moved to Philippines from Japan for some reasons. almost all of them said same thing like "Philippines is better than Japan". but I think it's too far from ideal life of them, and they seems to be escaped from heavy debts or something. I got to know what:

  • Bad relationship destroys your life. if do you have many assets or money than your partner, you might be unhappy
  • Debt is evil. buying a house or land is ridiculous unless if you are a billionaire. renting is much better than buying in my opinion
  • Moving to another country will not solve your personal problem
  • Life in a developing country is hard on many aspects
I know It's funny these are not related to any country. but anyway I have to prepare to move to another country because of bad sustainability of my country. so I have to deal with:
  • Improve English and technical skills
  • Investigate foreign countries that I will be moved to
    • Sustainability
    • Conditions of visa
    • Languages
    • Job demands
    • Quality of medical service
    • Social security system
    • Crime rate
    • Unemployment rate
  • Save money